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Mortal Kombat 10 roster (?) Final version by Kanemaru Mortal Kombat 10 roster (?) Final version by Kanemaru
Here's my perfect Mortal Kombat 10:

The roster above (but Liu Kang, Shang Tsung -MK3 kostume-, Shao Kahn, Sindel & Kitana -and maybe some other ones- to fight in the story mode only)
Characters as charismatic as in MK9
2D gameplay
Return of 'Choose your destiny!' for the Arcade mode
A 1P vs CPU mode (would be the 1st time in MK history!)
A scenario as epic as in MK9 (cinematics once again, that was perfect... but with the characters not winking every 1,5 seconds)
Motaro and/or Moloch as sub-bosses and Onaga as final boss
No guest character (I like Kratos but I didn't like him in MK9, I never used him! He should have been proposed in DLC)
Arenas from PS2 MK episodes as good as in MK9 + Bloodmarsh & Meadow of Despair as new arenas
Return of Friendships & Brutalities
New X-ray moves (showing flesh and eyes being ripped)
If they're still obsessed with DLCs, they can add Meat, Khameleon, Zombie Liu Kang, Shang Tsung (with his MK3 skin and able to morph in EVERY kombattants of the game) & Jataaka or Kia

If we have this, it would be the best Mortal Kombat ever and I will buy it day one after having waited hours in front of the doors before the stores get open!!!
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projectzero00 Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2014
I agree with almost everyone. For the girls we deffinitely need Ashrah, Frost, Nitara, Kira and especially Sareena's storylines to be fleshed out. Tanya played an important part in MK4 so she is a lock-in fo sho. Li Mei should be left for a later game imo and be replaced by Sheeva in the next one. Sheeva is a wildcard coz she isn't exactly evil, just fighting for the freedom of her people and now that almost every good character is dead and with Kahn gone, I can see her joining the Earthrealm forces along with the Shokan. As for the guys Kai, Reiko, Fujin, Shinnok and Quan Chi are also in coz duh MK4. Jarek bai noone cares. I deffinitely don't agree with Daegon and Shujinko and Kobra. They shouldn't be there, it won't be the correct time for them Daegon and Shujinko- to show up (not that I want them to show up anytime in the future). And Kobra just sucks. I would agree with Darrius, Hotaru and Havik as long as they play up the Order-Chaos story in an interesting way. Maybe introduce some new characters too.
Kanemaru Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2014
I like Sheeva as well but I don't think she'll be in MKX cuz she's not that popular unfortunately. But I hope I'm wrong cuz I like her and I'd be super happy to see her back. That roster was made more with logic than my own likes.
For Shujinko, Raiden may have a vision of him and could decide to stop his quest for Onaga. Don't forget that Raiden will need new reinforcments to fight Shinnok. Daegon is awake for many years and could join Shinnok (or Havik). I think we can see him fight in the background of the Pit stage of MK9, so I'm pretty sure he'll be back.
For Kobra, I'm not a fan but I still like him. He could be a new Johnny Cage in MKX if his charadesign and gameplay are not screwdup. Can't explain why but I think he could be there.

All depends what NetherRealm Studios has written for the story mode. They can do what they want, there's no limit for imagination in MK.
MLarts Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2013  Professional General Artist
Ninja Sub zero? he is a Cyborg right now.
Kanemaru Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2013
If Netherrealms Studios decide to revive him (one way or another), they'll probably give him back his human skin to please the fans. But I'd actually prefer him to keep his cyborg kostume, indeed.
ULTIMATEbudokai3 Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
If this is an ALTERNATE universe, Im sure NRS would have CSZ STAY a cyber and release his human form as an alt costume. It would make no sense to change the things that makes this new ALTERNATE timeline...ALTERNATE just because some fans prefer ninja subz over cyborg subz.

Gonna have to roll with the punches. If NRS started letting fans decide what happens in their games outside of the mechanics of the gameplay(and only to an extent on that), there would be chaos.

No MK game is PERFECT without the majority of who died in MK9 as playable chars.
Kanemaru Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2013
I agree with the fact the it's not the fans who should decide what should be done! That's why I didn't included the dead kombattants of MK9 in this roster. I love Reptile, Kung Lao, Kabal, Sindel, Kitana but they're missing here cuz I think MK10 shouldn't have a roster too similar to MK9.
I included Jade and Sub-Zero. I can hardly imagine a MK without him, even if it would not make me angry (Frost could take his place in this MK10). Jade is supposed to be dead but when I look to her MK9 ending, I think she'll be back in MK10.
As I wrote, I'd love to fight Kung Lao, Nightwolf, Shang Tsung, and other dead kombattants in the story mode only! But althought I love them, I don't think it would be a good thing if they were in the roster.

There are some characters I don't like here (Kai, Hotaru, Ashrah, Bo Rai Cho) but, it makes sense to me that they'll be in when I think how the scenario will evolve. And if these characters have a great design and gameplays, they could be great characters althought I didn't like them.

This roster is a mix between what I want and what makes sense to me even if I don't like certain things.
ULTIMATEbudokai3 Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Oh I agree, Not all who are dead should be on MKX roster, but that just means that MKX wont be "perfect".

Every char in MK4 is gonna be in it so with that I believe you're missing Jarek in that roster.

If anyone from MK DA- D is gonna be in it, it's Kenshi, Bo Raicho perhaps, Frost perhaps, Havik, mavado(as a Kabal gameplay replacement) and li mei perhaps(if there are not enough girls already), but that would be it oh and maybe Moloach as a sub boss.

I doubt Hotarou, Ashrah, Darrius, Kobra(not a chance, lol), Onaga etc is gonna be in it, though the latter may have a cameo to foreshadow the next game perhaps...?

Shinnok will be the MAIN villain as I said, MK:X will be mainly MK4 era.

And Liu may return but as a more neutral or evil char.
Kanemaru Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2013
Now that Jax is dead, Kano doesn't need Jarek anymore to fight Jax, so Jarek may never be back and stay forever in his cell. Jarek was there to take Kano's place in MK4 but now, Kira is way better to do that :p
And with Outworld and Netherrealm together against Earthrealm, things could go very differently now.

Do you seriously think MK10 will retell MK4 era only knowing MK9 retell MK1/2/3 eras? Even knowing things will be very different now, I think that MK10 story could be pretty long, enough to go to the fight against Onaga. Unless Raiden can stop his awakening.
Now that almost every Earthrealm kombattants are dead, The MK4 era may be totally different. But Chaosrealm invasion could make a difference thanks to my man Havik (Noob Saibot ending in MK9).

Btw, all what's above is what I expect, not what I want. What I want (and only what I want) is almost every characters of MK9 + Havik, Drahmin, Frost, Nitara, Daegon, Reiko, Tanya, Shinnok & Li Mei. But it would certainly not fit to what the MK10 scenario will be.
So, I confirm that what's on my picture is the most possible MK10 ever, and that's what I call "perfect" :)
ULTIMATEbudokai3 Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Kano may not be in MK:X period and instead may have Jerak fill in for him for whatever reason this ALTERNATE timeline may hold.

Oh, I KNOW MK:X will retell MK4/Gold story only ;) It will drag itself out.

MK9 told MK1-3 because the storyline was all intertwined. Like MKDA -MKD was.

MK4 was a whole new thing involving a whole new villian and make no mistake, Shinnok WILL be the Primary villain for MK:X.

What will make MK:X stand out will be that they have heroes and villains working together to defeat a common foe ;)
Kanemaru Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2013
We'll see ;)

Who knows, maybe Raiden & Shinnok will join forces against Onaga... unless Raiden got killed and be under Quan Chi's control, as he promised in MK9 if he went to die. It would be great!
Maybe Shinnok will be the final boss of MK10, I don't especially hope Onaga will be although I like him. But Onaga has way more charisma.

Everything is possible!
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